BOOKLET: Locked In for Mental Health Reasons

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  1. To be locked in for mental health reasons is a huge infringement of anyone’s rights and should be used only when someone is really a danger to themself or someone else. Because kids are so dependent on adults to provide for them, they can be taken advantage of even more. It is so important that kids are able to speak to someone about their rights and to have a neutral third party take a second look at the situation that got them there. These safeguards are needed in situations where we are taking away anyone’s freedom to make sure it is only for the reasons allowed and for the shortest time possible.

  2. I have seen several cases of adolescents being held at hospitals against their wishes (when not not formed) or kept in group homes illegally (my interpretation). They will sometimes incur criminal charges when they attempt to leave or exercise their rights of decision making. One major problem is that the justice system does not know their rights either and reinforces improper conduct and bad protocols by other authority figures.

  3. As an Advocate I have met a few youth struggling with mental health here in Ontario. Sometimes the challenge and stigma is two fold just because one is a youth. Its great to see a project geared towards increasing awareness about the right to decisions on treatment and medication.

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