About IDC Project


So what is I Do Care Project about?

The Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (OPACY) has received many complaints about health rights issues from young people who are living in residential settings and are connected to the mental health, youth justice, and child welfare systems. Young people told OPACY that their health decisions were generally made by adults and felt that they were not taken seriously.

Some young people said they…

● Were forced into treatment
● Couldn’t get the treatment they wanted
● Had their personal information disclosed
● Were on too much medication
● Had little or no information about their health and treatment

We connected with young people across the province to ask about their experiences with health and treatment decisions, to compare their experiences with the health rights, and to identify issues in the care system.

We are striving to shift the dialogue as well as work with child welfare, youth justice, and the children’s mental health systems towards an approach that leads to the progressive realization of the health rights of young people in care.

Let’s work together to change policies, practices, ideas and values that keep young people from making their own health decisions. Let’s collaboratively work towards strengthening our capacity as decision makers and build a system that supports young people around health rights and health decisions.

See the materials we have produced under the Information tab!


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