Posting Guidelines

Posting Conditions and Guidelines

By posting on our site you are consenting to OPACY and the I Do Care Project collecting your name and other information that you post and for others using the site to view your name and posting information.

When you post on our blogs, forums or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it allow us and other users to access any public information on your personal profile (ex. email, name, status updates) automatically. We will not attempt to access this information.

Please be aware of our “duty to report” when posting. The Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth is required to report protection concerns to a Children’s Aid Society in accordance with provincial laws. We have a duty to report if we believe that a child or youth under the age of 16 is presently in need of protection.

If you visit any of the visible external links listed on our web pages, we cannot guarantee the following:

  • the content of the external site
  • how they use personal information
  • their privacy practices

If you have a question about your privacy contact or call 1-800-263-2841


Inappropriate Posts

The Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth wants using social media to be a safe and positive experience for youth and adults alike. When you post to this page, you are agreeing to follow the rules and regulations set out by the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth.

Inappropriate posts will be removed. Inappropriate includes:

1) Identifying other people by name

2) Revealing personal information about yourself or others (ex. your address, phone number school – see “Privacy Tips” for more information)

3) Discriminatory and hateful or degrading comments

If any of these posts are identified it will be deleted and the user notified of the reason. If it is a serious or the user makes further inappropriate posts, the user may be blocked from the page.


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